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With the game console's ability to accurately track the exact position of the controller, he wondered about just sticking the controller to an ultrasound probe with duct tape.

His team created their prototypes in 3D printing labs, starting with a streamlined plastic holster that slips onto the ultrasound probe.

MRI machines require patients to be still for minutes at a time, which often means sedating an infant.I'll let you figure that part out on your own (but hopefully you'll share your results with me).I have a number of tweaks to make on my controller before I finalize it, so I thought I'd share my plans here to get you thinking along the same lines.The problem with this setup is that I have to zoom and focus the lens manually, and though I try to minimize zooming while shooting, there are times when it is essential for maintaining proper framing and for showing off the dancers' skills.I've managed to learn to zoom manually without introducing excessive camera jitter (usually), but since I am also focusing manually, it's a bit of a chore to quickly and smoothly adjust the focus after zooming in or out.

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The total cost of the final product is less than $100.

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