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announced on Friday that the 35-year-old singer is engaged to a 25-year-old male medical student at the University of California, Los Angeles.She added to her fans, "As my partner is an ordinary student, I would be very happy if you could watch over us quietly." The couple had gotten engaged on Thursday.Hamasaki also personally admitted to the relationship in a message to her fan club on Wednesday night.The message, posted to her blog on her fan club website, read: “I don’t like hiding things from all of you, so I’d like to tell you clearly. But, even from now on, work is work, and personal is personal, and I’ll properly keep the two separate and give you the best performances as always.” Uchiyama also acknowledged the relationship on his own blog.

Here's just a handful of his unique creations.― Saga of Tanya the Evil started off as a webnovel on the Japanese site Arcadia before being acquired and published by Enterbrain.

The couple settled down in Los Angeles and communication with her agency Avex has since been increasingly difficult.

According to CYZO, upper management at Avex comments that “she [Hamasaki] does not have the same motivation to work as she did in the past” and that “her sales no longer warrant the burden of draining costs from her transportation”. Tickets for the star’s current tour ‘ayumi hamasaki PREMIUM SHOWCASE ~Feel the love~’ sell for 9,300 yen, higher than her usual 8,500 yen to make up for all the unsold tickets.

Hamasaki had not registered her marriage with Schwarz in Japan, so her upcoming marriage with the medical student would be considered her first in Japan.

Hamasaki had just shot a music video for her song "Feel the Love" in Los Angeles with DJ The Winter 2018 anime season has begun, and we're reviewing ALL of this season's new anime as they air!

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Hamasaki had told fans that she had married Manuel Schwarz, an Austrian actor living in America, in Las Vegas on January 1, 2011 (about four months after meeting him).

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