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Unfortunately for my blushing and awkward Englishness most of these taboos revolved around sex.

I’d uncomfortably discovered through conversations with perplexed villagers that the myths surrounding HIV weren't limited to the misplacement of Coca-Cola; according to local rumour, white people, young people and Christians were incapable of contracting the virus whilst I disturbingly discovered that a joke in ‘The Book of Mormon,’ involving sex, babies and the curing of aids was rumoured practice here.

Half way through a local church service the minister began condemning homosexuality and demanding that homosexuals be expelled from Uganda.

Although acceptance of homosexuals is still a relatively new concept in western culture, experiencing such open and enforced hatred was still a disturbing experience.

When a real Ugandan man vibes a girl and his application or manifesto is rejected, it does not turn into enmity. That alcohol in sachets that makes a person smell like a pit-latrine in Bwaise. Real Ugandan men don’t pay for sex, they don’t use their money to convince a lady to love them.

A real Ugandan man should know that rejection means, try again later. Real Ugandan men don’t tap ladies’ assets without permission. If you ever feel like beating a lady, first go to State House and tell Museveni to retire. Real Ugandan men have a house and home to their name. Real Ugandan men have a given limit to drinking; they don’t go to levels of blacking-out and becoming a public nuisance. Real Ugandan men use their love to get sex not money.

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I cleared my throat and announced ‘HIV cannot be prevented by pouring soda on your genitals, HIV can only be prevented by abstinence, faithfulness and er,’ I gestured to the bloated contraception that was now being examined by locals, ‘Condoms.’ I had never imagined uttering that sentence, let alone speaking it in central west Africa, but my trip to Uganda had presented me with cultural taboo after cultural taboo that, at times, required direct confrontation.It seems the men of Uganda are brutally honest about their own bedroom behaviour, ‘Mokiga (the local tribe) men are intelligent, courageous and driven. We will not engage in foreplay but we expect our women to be waiting, legs open when we arrive home.’ They really sold the marriage thing to me.But it wasn’t just me perplexed with alien customs.There was also the moment that many locals felt that Aids had been brought to Uganda by white people.I can’t blame them for making a link; even though there has been an increasing presence of white aid workers in Uganda, there has also been a rise in cases, though this is more down to the failure of certain groups to promote condom use than white sexual activity.

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