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He goes on to write: Homosexuals can win acceptance as distinct from tolerance only by a transformation of society, one that is based on a “new human” one who is able to accept the multifaceted and varied nature of his or her sexual identity.

That such a society can be found is the gamble upon which gay and women’s liberation are based; like all radical movements they hold to an optimistic view of human nature, above all to its mutability. In charting the journey of LGBTI people through tolerance to acceptance, he catalogues the impressive gains that now see homosexuality as an unquestioned part of mainstream life in many parts of the world.

Some might argue that Jesus was referring to males born without testicles, but this would be extremely rare.He gives a impressive overview of the evolution of the LGBTI rights movement from its radical beginnings in gay liberation through to the current fight for same-sex marriage.At each point, it seems Altman was there, marching, helping out, giving a speech, having a chat or observing in the corner.Taking his categories in reverse order, first, there are those who have made themselves “eunuchs” for the kingdom of heaven, i.e., those who foreswear marriage to better serve God.Second, he mentions those who have been “made eunuchs by others,” an apparent reference to castrated males.

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These two themes: the intersection of the movement for LGBTI rights and the broader politics of social change, and the link between the personal and the political at the heart of this, became central to Altman’s writing, scholarship and activism. But what are we to make of a world which has a pro-marriage equality US president but an increasingly homophobic Russian leader; a world where legal impediments to homosexual behaviour have been removed in most of the western world but where lesbian and gay young people still account for a larger portion of suicide risks than their peers?

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