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It is wonderful, too, at how many points these proverbs touch life, and how intensely practical they are.

To ponder them and to follow their instruction is to live well and grandly.

Proverbs 1:1-9 Advice For The Groom The custom of a bachelor party before a wedding is often characterized by drunkenness and carousing.

The party-hearty attitude seems driven by the belief that the groom will soon be married and have to settle down to a life of domestic boredom. The best man planned a get-together for Joel, but with a refreshing difference.

Helpful general comments on the significance and usefulness of Proverbs for our daily life.Through heeding its advice, we can avoid those regrettable pitfalls that can make life so difficult.If we listen to God's wisdom, we will experience joy and laughter rather than feeling the sorrow and despair that are so much a part of those who heed the "spirit of the age." Proverbs speaks to every area of life we will ever encounter. The only issue in question is whether we will consider its ways and follow its advice.We can get on with living in the real world, conquer our limitations and get along with other people. House and Durham: By God's grace, the book of Proverbs enables each of us to have God's insight on how to live lives that will glorify Him; how to build up others; and how to be at peace with ourselves.Following its precepts will bring success in business and in the home.

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