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His efforts failed, and after being found guilty of crimes against peace at Nuremberg, he was locked away for life, eventually committing suicide at Spandau prison in 1987 at the age of 93.

'A Misfortune for All Concerned' The pair met on May 11, 1941 in the Glasgow barracks of the Highland Light Infantry, and while Hamilton described the meeting in detail, Hess' version was previously unknown.

Hess was carrying such a file, stamped in red with "Most Secret", when he was transferred in October 1945 from British custody to the Trial of the Major War Criminals in Nuremberg.

Excerpts from one of the documents found their way into the evidence published by the International Military Tribunal as well as a list of the remaining documents in the file.

It was only towards the end of the conversation that Hess admitted that he had come "without the knowledge" of the Führer and "without mandate." He repeated the offer that Germany would have its sphere on influence -- continental Europe as far as the Urals -- and Britain would have its own, namely its empire.

But all Hess really had to offer were peace terms long since rejected by the British.

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