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Oh, this year 2015 has flown quickly since the day I decided to take my then 3-year old son, Elmo with me on our first travel together.

I didn’t prepare much except for the places that I wanted us to go.

On the other hand, the things I learned from those experiences opened the doors for me to question myself and the things I used to believe in.

I was told by my mother that now I am a mother, I need to give up or sacrifice my own dreams to be able to give my son a good life ahead of him. It’s about you and me knowing our worth and what we can do to serve the purpose of our existence.

Or you’re as happy as I am that I have done such things in my life.We started the year 2015 with a life in a remote island where Elmo had a lot of his first things as a kid.This was on our way to Camotes Island where I was about to volunteer. Trust me, I’ve learned so much things in this trip that it will take you and me a dozen cups of tea or coffee, whichever you prefer to have, for us to actually comprehend the things we’ve been doing.Our story have been on repeat whenever we meet new people and they ask, “So what’s your story.” Even though I start our story with the same lines, how I see the same exact thing would come in different angle for each person we were talking with that everyday I was learning something new about my own story. There’s no right time to wait for to make things happen but now.I could have travelled before I gave birth to Elmo.

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