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If I'm planning the skating banquet with the other organizer, and my next door neighbour butts in to tell me what to serve for dessert, I would not consider that polite or appropriate.Not all conversations directly concern the people who can hear them."If it has occurred as reported, it certainly wasn't done with our consent." Microsoft's statement echoes that of Blizzard, whose MMO World of Warcraft was also targeted by the NSA and GCHQ.ORIGINAL STORY: UK and US spies are able to monitor communications within games such as World of Warcraft and listen in to private discussions on Xbox Live chat, leaked memos have revealed.

The companies also want greater transparency from governments on what demands it makes of security agencies, and a greater respect for the free flow of information.But don't worry, as an adult that child has no reticence left about joining uninvited conversations or meeting new people :-) When our kids interrupt a conversation, one of us squats down to eye level, places a hand on each side of the child's face, and says, "Is it urgent?" (If not) "Please let us finish and you will have my attention." Then we try to wind things up and get back down to eye level and listen to the child.It will increase vocabulary, people, and reasoning skills (did with my daughter at least).and what makes their opinions MORE valid than someone else's?

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A spokesperson told Eurogamer the company had not detected any spying through Xbox Live - and insisted if it did occur it wasn't done with Microsoft's blessing.

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