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If the given value exceeds this numbers, it will be treated as the corresponding extremum. Test page Workaround is not included Reported by: Constantine Vesna.

So the declaration: No straight-forward workaround seems to be possible. that involves changing the size of the element, there is a severe performance penalty when offset Height/Width or any type of style reading using get Computed Style is used in functions.

This bug is also present when the directions are reversed.

Test page Workaround is not included Reported by: Marc Pacheco.

Opera incorrectly places borders separating the thead and tbody sections.

You can also use border-color and border-style and use border: to set four seperate values for border-width without actually using the border-width syntax.

Test page Workaround is included Reported by: John A. Opera 8.02 does have a maximum (2048) and minimum (-2048) values for "background-position" property.

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