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A search Monday morning near Tellico Plains in the Cherokee National Forest revealed the crash site.

"Two pilots were aboard the aircraft, an instructor and a student.

“It's been amazing what's been done in a very short period of time on Puerto Rico, Trump said.

“There's never been a piece of land that we've known that was so devastated.

"They are quite liberal with their claims of responsibility because truth is really not important to them," Levitt said.

The electrical grid, as you know, was totally destroyed.”, 20, of Tyler, Texas. service member to be killed as part of Operation Inherent Resolve.

But he may question Mattis about another of his top concerns: The growing string of recent military mishaps, including , and their connection to years of defense budget caps and stopgap budget resolutions.

Mc Cain has been quick to blame the incidents on systemic readiness issues caused by underfunding defense, but Mattis has been more cautions, saying he is not ready to draw a “direct line” between the budget and mishaps.

The Navy issued a one-day stand down of a squadron of T-45 trainers at Naval Air Station Meridian in Mississippi after the deadly crash.

The T-45C Goshawk was assigned to Training Air Wing 1 and was reported missing Sunday night.

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