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Though most guys will pick up the bill (especially in the beginning), they still like the idea that their date is to pay. The Party Test: How she interacts in a social setting.

If a woman is able to hold her own and mingle with his friends/family without his constant attention, it's a major plus.

The intention isn’t to be friends or strike a busienss deal.

Don’t treat it like it’s a fucking business meeting or something that just happened by chance.

to things like: “Should Men Open Car Doors For Women?

There will be a lot of F-bombs and I mean every single one of them. Texting is a conversation as much as smoke signals are.

Once you’ve seen them, and by seen I don’t mean in photos, either in person or Skype or Facetime or any live video platform, ask them out. Say “Would you like to _____________ with me.” Not, “Hey, me and my friends are going to be ______, wanna meet us?

You don’t have to hand wash your car or put a playlist together.

Because they are too and it’s your job to set the tone.

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