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El lder del Revolucionario Institucional asegur que su partido ganar las nueve elecciones de gobernador que se realizarn este ao y sostuvo que lo ideal es que Lpez Obrador se vaya a su rancho al concluir las precampaas.

Located in Far North Dallas, Timberglen offers proximity to the city as well as a more upscale lifestyle than one would expect from any locale in this region of Dallas.

Though there are some housing opportunities for young professionals looking simply for a short commute into the city, the majority of Timberglen residents are families looking to take advantage of the convenient, upscale opportunities that the neighborhood offers.

Great schools, plenty of things to do in surrounding areas, and gated communities are among the factors that add to the appeal of life in Timberglen for families.

Here’s a glimpse at what renters can expect when looking at properties in the area.

to Brooks Brothers, Anthropologie, Louis Vuitton, and more.

At the Dallas Galleria, visitors can try their skills on the indoor ice skating rink or take part in special events throughout the year, while The Shops at Willow Bend has some great eateries and a family-friendly play area.

This residential neighborhood abounds in green spaces, and locals can easily get out and about with numerous recreational areas and parks in nearby communities.

Among these are the 4.9-acre Barry H Barker Park, established in 1998, and Peter Pan Park, a refreshing residential park of just under 10 acres where you can find a playground, benches, and jogging trails.

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