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It is a blessed experience that gives me an absolute reference point and a truly mind-stretching eternal perspective. Like so many before and since, I simply combined my new-found faith with the 'facts' of science and became a theistic evolutionist and then a progressive creationist. But then I began to find scientific problems with the evolutionary part, and theological problems with the theistic part.

Interviewer: Did your conversion to Christianity make you an instant creationist? I still have a good many friends who believe in theistic and/or progressive evolution, but for me, after examining it I finally had to give it up.

In Genesis 3, Romans 8 and many other passages, we learn that such negative features were not part of the world that God created, but entered only after Adam's sin.

By ignoring this point, either intentionally or unintentionally, theistic evolutionists and progressive creationists come into conflict with the whole pattern of Scripture: the great themes of Creation, the Fall, and Redemption – how God made the world perfect and beautiful; how man's sin brought a curse upon the world; and how Christ came to save us from our sins and to restore all things.

Interviewer: What theological problems did you find with theistic evolution? Parker: Perhaps the key point centred on the phrase, "very good".

At the end of each creation period in Genesis chapter one (except the second) God said that His creation was good.

I first became a creationist while teaching at a Christian college.

Does "the war of nature, from famine and death" sound like the means God would have used to create a world which He describes as "very good"?Tied in with the idea of inevitable evolutionary progress, this was a truly thrilling idea and the part of evolution I liked best. In my early years of teaching at the high school and college levels, I worked hard to convince my students that evolution was true.Interviewer: Did your faith/trust in evolution affect your classroom teaching? I even had some creationist students crying in class.As soon as I started teaching creation instead of evolution, the Bible Department people challenged me to a debate.The Bible Department defended evolution, and two other scientists and I defended creation!

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Interviewer: In that sense, then, you're saying it was really the scientific data that completed your conversion from evolution, through theistic evolution and progressive creation, to biblical, scientific creationism? A colleague in biology, Allen Davis, introduced me to Morris and Whitcomb's famous book, .

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