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Games that use an existing brand but are conceptually very different from the original, such as Battlezone (1998) and Defender (2002) or Tomb Raider (1996) and Tomb Raider (2013) are usually regarded as reboots rather than remakes.A port is a conversion of a game to a new platform that relies heavily on existing work and assets.

Another example is Black Mesa, a Half-Life 2 mod that improves in-game textures, assets and models, and facial animations, while taking place in the events of the original Half-Life game.

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns was effectively a remake of both the original Pitfall!

and its sequel with new level layouts and colorful, detailed graphics.

Rie: And you don't know anything about mollusks, or carnivorous plants, or honey pots?

A video game remake is a video game closely adapted from an earlier title, usually for the purpose of modernizing a game for newer hardware and contemporary audiences and is coded from scratch.

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