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("Awkward, I know," Chase says sheepishly.) The last time I checked there was just one review of "Bikini Hot Tub Girls - Episode Eight: Jin N Tonic," but it went into a surprising amount of detail into why he awarded the film exactly two stars.

It concluded with the words "If the producer and amazon had to give me a nickel every time I was disappointed while watching this film, I'd have 39.7 nickels." But surprisingly, there was then even some discussion his review — in the form of two comments.

" Finding models was "just a matter of connecting with some of my more confident Facebook connections, and them recruiting some of their friends, etc." In fact, the hardest part was explaining to other wannabe porn actresses that no, it really that kind of a movie. Instead Will left his fortunes solely to the whims of random Amazon searches.

"I'm pretty sure they didn't get the joke," Chase remembers. You get the idea..." Chase says now that the experiment also has implications for the future of society. One Girl," read the description on Chase's first "bad porn" video on Amazon. And in a lucky happenstance, when you searched Amazon's video store for "hot tub," Will's videos original occupied five of the top 10 slots.

In a vast landscape with weird buttes and ancient Indian petroglyphs, a friend described a strange film-maker (and local legend) with his own weird story about selling videos on

Will Chase is a deejay, an artist, a Burning Man devotee and a former schoolteacher with a DUI.

The madness first began on a long night in 2012, when two "no-budget" Boise filmmakers discussed the difficulties of getting their films distributed. The world's worst porn..." Remembering that night, years later, Chase said simply "A seed had been planted in my head..." But the final push came that Christmas, when Chase learned one of Netflix's most popular videos was just footage of a burning log.

Felhívjuk figyelmedet, hogy az itteni értékek mindig az adatbázis aktuális állapota alapján adódnak, s mivel a szereplő filmek nem képezik az összes szinkronizált film reprezentatív mintáját, ezek a statisztikák nem feltétlenül tükrözik a valós viszonyokat – ahogy bővül az adatbázis, úgy közelítik majd ezen értékek a valódiakat.

Amennyiben bármilyen elírást, hibát találsz az oldalon, azt haladéktalanul jelezd felénk, hogy mihamarabb kijavíthassuk!

But Chase offered to share 10% of whatever money the videos would ultimately end up making with the women who appeared in his films.

And once the camera started rolling, the women he filmed "could do whatever they wanted — so long as they didn't do to sexualize the content.

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