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“We’re actually here to do a story on this,” I said. I guess now I’m going to make a liar out of myself.spent a solid twelve hours at K-Con, an event for K-Pop fans featuring musical guests, panel discussions on things like Korean music and fashion, a number of merchant booths, and over 10,000 ticket holders, according to MNet.

"The mainstream success that Psy has," Simon continues, "we don't see that [happening] in other kinds of K-Pop, but we still see a vast amount of success happening on an underground level." What about the hope, expressed by a number of people in the industry, that K-Pop will be the next big thing?

For instance, SM Entertainment’s Super Junior boasts 12 members. Her experience as a professional pop singer is interesting in that it demonstrates how big the industry is in Korea, and how quickly the large entertainment companies shuffle through its performers.

This allows the company to break the band down into sub-units targeting different markets, including Super Junior-M (Mandopop, Mandarin pop music), Super Junior-T (trot music, a form of Korean popular music dating back to the early 1900s), and something called Super Junior-Happy. As a child she and her sister were in a band called T. Born and raised in a small town outside of Dallas, Lee’s family moved to Korea when she was in the eighth grade.

[the] model tries to embed more and more foreign singers from strategic markets into larger girl or boy bands.

These imported singers are then used to promote their acts back in their respective home countries." In the South Korean model, a pop group is more like a brand and a talent pool than a proper band.

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